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MS Power Business Intelligence

A Comprehensive Course on Data Preparation to Data Visualization including how to import, transform & visualize data with Power BI, with practical exercises & case studies.

Power Query | Power Pivot | MS Excel | Power BI

Desktop Version | Web Based | Mobile Application

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Course Fee: Rs.7,500 per participant

Course Duration: Total 28 Hours (03 months)


This course is designed for new users as well as for those who want to fill in some gaps in their knowledge. This will be an amazing and captivating course for gaining knowledge of Power BI and implementing it to analyze and re-shape data in interesting and efficient way.  It is focused on providing you with the fundamentals and leads you to expert level to work with Power BI effectively.

There will be three different scenarios (seven dashboards) that will be discussed and this will lead to a tour from initial level to advance level of MS Power BI.

This course is extremely useful for following users:

  • All Excel users who work with data, reports or dashboards
  • All existing Business Intelligence developers and users

Anyone who wants to get an excellent foundation in how to use Power BI from beginner level

Course Objective:

With increase in size of information and complexities, we need management of larger data that are even large enough to exceed accommodation limit of any spreadsheet software. Microsoft Power Business Intelligence i.e. commonly known as Power BI has been developed to cater big data management and it is capable to get data from any database including live data. 

The objective of this course is to develop skills emphasizing data analysis and data visualization aspects even if you are working on big data. Contents are designed to go step by step from initial level to advance level of MS Power BI. The course will be more focused on desktop version, however, participants will learn about web-based solution as well as mobile friendly version even to get reports on relevant mobile app.

Upon Completion of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Manage big data either to summarize or to make dynamic and effective business solution
  • Understand the flow of using Power BI, from connecting to various data sources, importing these into Power BI, transforming the data and then presenting it effectively
  • Import data from any platform/ database, clean the data, change data orientation
  • Perform analytical work according to your professional needs
  • Make better and more useful BI visuals leading to assist for sensible business decisions
  • Extract/ obtain relevant information from the available data set
  • Learn how to minimize as much manual labor as possible in data analysis
  • Get record of each step taken, just change source of data and get refresh results accordingly

Visuals Used:

Built-in Visuals— Table | Matrix | Card | Multi-Row Card | Slicer | Line Chart | Pie Chart | Area Chart | Clustered Column Chart | Clustered Bar Chart | Stacked Bar Chart | Line and Clustered Column Chart | Line and Stacked Column Chart | Funnel Chart | Gauge | Treemap | Map | KPI | Ribbon Chart | Waterfall Chart | Decomposition Tree | Key Influencers | Smart Narratives | Q&A

Imported Visuals— Word Cloud |  Infographic Designer | Slim Data Bar KPI | Sunburst by MAQ | Play Axis | Simple Image | Chiclet Slicer

DAXs Used— +-/*%&&||& | If (incl. Nested Ifs, And, Or) | Switch | Left/ Right | Ceiling/ Round | Value | Date/ Month/ Year | Format | Max/ Min | Sum/ Average | Distinctcount/ Countrows | Lookupvalue | Related | Userelationship | Treatas | Unichar | SumX | Calculate | Filter/ All/ Allexcept | TotalYTD | Sameperiodlastyear | Parallelperiod | Dateadd | Calendar | Values | Summarize | TopN | Except | Hasonefilter | Selectedvalue | Declaring and using Variables (incl. Comments) | Measure using another Measure | Quick Measures Feature

The above DAXs may also be used on column/ Measure or to generate a table.

Why You Should Join:

  • In house session with 24/7 full access to recorded lectures too
  • Comprehensive Presentation, Data files, Power BI (Solved files)
  • Lifetime access
  • Coverage of all Power BI suits
  • Certificate of participation upon course conclusion
  • Paid internship for highest scoring students
  • Greater chances of selection for job

Contents of Course:

Getting Started Introduction – Dashboard | Power BI Suit | Components and Views

Basics — De-normalization | Fact Table & Dimension Table | Getting Data (including web) | Sorting | Filtering | Formatting | Themes | Data Types | Relationships

Calculations— Calculated Columns | Measures | Table Generation | Time Intelligence | DAX

More about DAX— Context | Variables | Quick Measures | Arranging Measures | Displaying Symbols on specific conditions | Consider different aspects of calculations

Report Features— Visuals (Built-in & Imported) | Drilling/ Interactions | Formatting/ Options| Q&A | Text box with Calculated Numbers

Optimizing Reports— Parameters | Dynamic Images | Navigations (to Page/ Bookmark) | Sync Slicers

Other Aspects— Analytics/ Tooltips of Visuals | Sync Slicers | Hierarchies | Conditional | Formatting | Folders/ Sub-Folders

Power BI Suit— Power BI Desktop | Publishing Reports | Mobile Layout | Mobile App

Power Query with Excel— Getting Data | Data Types | Basic Actions (on Rows, on Columns, Header Row, Replace Values, Split/ Merge Columns, Filtering, Sorting, Close & Load) | Detect and Rectify Errors | Transform Data (Format, Extract, Transpose, Pivot/Unpivot Columns) | Query Options (Duplicate, Rename, Copy, Reference, Close & Load To…, Refresh) | Add Column (Duplicate, Index, Custom [using M Query]) | Consolidation (Grouping, Merging & Appending) | View Options

Power Pivot with Excel— Getting Data | Data Types | Basic Operations (Formatting, Sorting, Filtering) | Views | Relationships | Hierarchies | DAX on Custom Columns/ Measures | Pivot Table | KPI

Resource Person:

Mr. Muhammad Faisal Shafi (ACMA) is an Associate member of Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan (ICMAP), and is a gem in data analysis skills using platform of MS Excel, Power BI, Power Pivot, and Power Query.

He has facilitated advance level workshops on Excel, and Power BI tools at Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan, Auditor General Pakistan Revenue, Softax, and many other. He has also conducted different data management and analysis training on self-basis in different hotels and wish to spread these concepts among professionals at different levels.

Other Information:

Eligibility Requirement

Participants are required to have following skill and resources available:

  • Recommended to know the basics of working with data in Excel
  • In the course you will need a work email address to sign up for the free Microsoft Power BI service
  • Download the Power BI Desktop app which is available free from Microsoft for Windows
  • You will need to have a PC/Windows laptop loaded with the latest version of Microsoft Power BI (available as a free download).  Note that Power BI does not currently run natively on a Mac.

Whilst this course is designed to cover Power BI from the ground up, some experience of working with data in Excel would be beneficial.

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