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International Financial Reporting Framework and related Accounting Training

Reporting of financial information is very important in today’s corporate and compliance environment. Increasing need of transparency in operations and funding is enforcing the need for effective financial reporting standards. Knowledge of financial reporting is not only important for corporate sector but also for regulatory institutions too because to monitor activity one must know the subject matter which is to be monitored and without knowledge of financial reporting framework how a person could ever be able to evaluate financial information.

Our training programs are not only limited to corporate sector and regulatory bodies but it extends to our students, persons of same professions and even those who want to build their career in finance but does not know where and how to initiate.We provide training on very simple topics as well completely complex and vibrantly important topics. For registration in any course and details contact at The courses presently available under this section are following:

IFRS 17 (Insurance Contracts)

Consideration as to Expected Credit Loss on financial Instruments

Allocation of transaction price to performance obligations

IAS 12 (Deferred tax) complete understanding 

Basic concepts of accounting

How to understand and apply IFRS and IASs

IAS 1 the concepts which we all misunderstood

IAS 7 Cash Flows

Revaluation and impact of deferred tax on it

Accounting and reporting of assets held for sale

Accounting for Payable and Receivable

How to prepare general entries with important entries to prepare

How to record impairment on financial and non financial assets

Mandatory knowledge for bookkeeping and how to perform it

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