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Human Resources Management (A-successful-strategy-implementation)

(This Course will help enhancing the understanding of functions of Human Resource Management. How human resources are planned and managed to reconcile the objectives of employer and the employees.)

Course Fee: Rs. 5,000 per participant 

Duration: 06 hours (01 weeks)

Course Coverage:

This course will cover following topics:

  1. HRM Strategy development
  2. Fundamentals of effective recruitment and selection process
  3. Job design and analysis
  4. Establishing training and development programs
  5. Enhance motivation level

Descriptive Details:

Success of any business is dependent upon the quality and experience of its human resources. Research shows that a business gets successful when approximate more than 70% of its employee found themselves reconciled with the objectives of the employer and feel growth with the business growth. On the other end it is also a fact that at least 15% of employees will always be indifferent of the growth of the organization. Remaining are those which either actively or passively found their personal interest in conflict with the business.

If the ratio of 70:15:15 is not managed, a business will fail or face difficulties in growth. It is the HRM function in the business which actively keeps the interest reconciled. This training session will illustrate how you can develop an effective HRM function within your organization and what should be focused while recruiting human resource and communicating with them.

Even a small organization can develop a very active and effective HRM function with not much resources needed. A CEO of the organization can manage to uplift employees without any cost involved.

You will learn how to prepare an effective HRM strategy, place a better recruitment and selection mechanism, develop job description, and perform analysis of jobs and increase motivation level in your employees. Human are resources, your resources are your assets and don’t let them impair because this will not impact your books but overall business.

Practical Implementation:

Application and planning of human resource strategy gets very easy when you understand the core reason of doing it. With the help of different small techniques participants would be able to practically implement the required habits in their work environment to systematically introduce an even better culture within organization.

Outcome & Benefits:

With the help of this training development of HRM manual and creating an appropriate environment would be relatively easy. When a group of trained people are looking after employees, there will be very minor possibility that administration of employees goes wrong.

After training, you will realize that HR is more than just throwing up advertisement, conducting interviews, preparing payroll and hiring and firing persons. If successful organization are investing in it there must be something more important.


For Individuals

The course shall be of 06 hours.

For Groups and Corporations

Overall 06 hours with flexible breaks as per requirement.

Fee for the Course:


Straight fee for the course is PKR 5,000 per participant.

(Discount is available for our registered participants)

Group and Corporations

PKR 5,000 per participant or PKR 100,000 whichever is lower


Registration shall be granted on full payment of fee.


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