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Advance Excel 365 to Power BI (For Intermediate Users)

(This Course will provide you skills for big data analysis and its management through MS Excel as well as Power BI.)

Online | Recorded 24/7 | Certificate of Participation

Saturday 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM | Sunday 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Course Fee: Rs. 6,000 per participant 

Duration: 18 hours (03 weeks)

Course Coverage:

  1. Learn how to minimize manual work in data analysis;
  2. Import data from any platform, clean the data, change data orientation
  3. Extract relevant information from the available data set
  4. Perform desired analytical work
  5. Manage big data;
  6. Make better and more useful pivot tables and BI visuals

Descriptive Details:

This course will cover following:


Data Analytical Tools:

Effective Data Management, Mixed References, Conditional Formatting (Customized), Data Validation (including Dependent List), Solver, Data Table (One & Two Variables), Advance Filtering (Customized), Multi-conditional Sum/ Average/ Count/ Max/ Min, Dynamic Array Functions; Controls (Combo Box, List Box, Check Box, Option Button, Spin Button, Scroll Bar)

Pivot Tables:

Applying Functions (Calculated Fields, Calculated Items), Slicer Connections, Pivot Charts, Get Pivot Data; Charts: Formatting, Change Chart Type, Adding/ Deleting Series, Secondary Axis, Sub-Chart, Dynamic Title


Vlookup, Hlookup, Xlookup, Match, Xmatch, Index, Offset, Iferror


Power Query:

Importing Data, Data Types, Basic Actions (on Rows, on Columns, Header Row, Replace Values, Split/ Merge Columns, Filtering, Sorting, Close & Load), Query Name, Applied Steps, Transform Data (Format, Extract, Number Column, Date & Time Column), Query Options (Duplicate, Rename, Copy, Reference, Close & Load To…, Refresh), Transform Data (Pivot/ Unpivot Columns, Transpose), Add Column (Duplicate, Index, Custom), View Options, Advance Editor, Grouping, Merging & Appending

Power Pivot:

Relationships between Tables, Formatting, Sorting & Filtering, Application of DAX Functions and Measures, Application of Time Intelligence, Hierarchy, Key Performance Indicators

Power BI:

Introduction (Report, Data, Model), Get Data, Built-in Visuals, Page Layout, Chart Options, Page & Report Level Filters, Sync Slicers, Analytic Options, Data Drills and Interactions, Decomposition Tree, Import Visuals, Page Options, Settings and Options, Publish Reports, Mobile Layout, Refresh, Navigations & Actions (Buttons, Shapes, Images, Bookmarks), DAX Studio, Tabular Editor, Take Slicers to next level, Dynamic Metrics, Apply different Scenarios

Why You Should Join:

  • In house session with 24/7 full access to recorded lectures too
  • Comprehensive Presentation, Data files, Power BI (Solved files)
  • Lifetime access
  • Certificate of participation upon course conclusion
  • Joint session that can provide insight of both MS Excel and Power BI
  • Greater chances of selection for job

Resource Person:

Mr. Shafiq-ur-Rehman (AFA MIPA, APFA, MBA(Fin), MEF) is an Associate member of PIPFA and also has double Masters in finance. He has earned several certification in field of data analysis, financial modeling, AI, and strategic planning.  He is also certified for platforms of  Power BI, Python, and MS Excel.

He has been in field of teaching since 2017 and also continuing his regular job in the field of finance. Currently he is assistant group financial controller in Planet N Group of Companies that is a famous venture capital firm. His exposure in field of financial modeling and data analysis has enriched him with knowledge and solutions of extensive numbers of complex and technical scenarios that a person may face in the field. 

Practical Implementation:

Application of every function shall be demonstrated with examples and continuous feedback shall be obtained to impart clear understanding of the function. This will make the application of learned skills easier and one can understand that he has learned very much to be able to perform majority of the reporting tasks.


For Individuals

The course shall be of 09 sessions of 02 hours each.

For Groups and Corporations

Overall 18 hours with flexible division as per requirement.

Fee for the Course:


Straight fee for the course is PKR 6,000 per participant.

Group and Corporations

PKR 6,000 per participant or PKR 100,000 whichever is lower


Registration shall be granted on full payment of fee.


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