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Training and development pays dividends and provide best insurance cover against all sorts of the inevitable changes and unforeseeable needs that may arise in your organization from time to time. It enhances employee performance improving culture, bring growth in business and keep your organization competitive.

It is statistically proven that organization with rapid training programs gains 24% higher profits in market and it helps new representatives meet quota up to seven weeks faster than the industry average. Statistics also shows 32% higher team quota attainment, 24% better individual representative quota attainment, and 23% higher lead conversion rate in organization with continuous workforce training programs.

Continuous workforce training is an indispensable way to adopt better and recommended processes and keep your organization competitive. It repairs any weak links that may exist in your organization and cause the workload to be more evenly spread among your workers. An ongoing training can be thought of as the best insurance policy. 

One of the top reasons employees decide to leave a company is the lack of employee training and development that ultimately results in demotivation in workforce and declined rate of success. In competitive and rapidly changing environment employees face trouble in understanding their responsibilities and changes to it. Training and development also gives everyone a great understanding of their responsibilities and the knowledge and skills they need to fulfill that responsibility.


As training and development is an inevitable factor for growth but it is not the core business activity for many organizations and that is why organizations face many issues relating to conduct of training and development sessions and continuous growth programs. Major hurdles that they encountered are:

  • Engaging qualified and expert trainers / speakers and deciding their terms of engagement. This is faced by the most organizations because their core activity is not training. They try their hard but mostly end up with some resource and terms that do not fully complement their needs and efforts.
  • Training need analysis is a difficult task and engaging relevant learners for relevant course is a real tough job. This requires time and proper planning.
  • Changes in environment, laws, and customs are rapid and many organization does not even know what are the recent and important changes that are needed to be addressed for employees’ skills and therefore they remained ignorant. This leads to efforts towards upskilling of employees on irrelevant fields, skills and topics. It makes training budget inefficient.
  • Making arrangements of venue and timings is relatively an easy job but it gives tough time when budgets are limited or there is very few or very large number of participants.
  • Conduct of training does not ensure the desired result unless there is a post training assessment and tracking. It is this assessment that actually communicate the success of any training and development session. Many organization do not focus on it and causing inefficient and ineffective sessions at cost that would have been a beneficial investment if assessment were carried.

  • It does not end here, providing skills to employees is a core purpose of training but it is not the sole purpose. There are other important and crucial benefits that can be availed from conducting some masterpiece training. One of those benefits are branding of organization that ultimately help retain employees, attract good quality customers, enhance credibility in human capital market.


After understanding of training needs and its importance you can still avoid all the hurdles and we can assist you through CONSULTATION and OUR RESOURCES. Sharing is always good because together we are better. Based on this, we offer many solutions for training needs, major two of those are as follows:

If you intend to hold a high impact professional training but falling short of skills, planning, and funds but that training is not only a high profile training but important for your employees too. We offer you an efficient and effective solution through sponsored trainings.

Here we market the subjected training to its several beneficiaries to ensure availability of required resources whether monetary or otherwise. Your dream with determination is the only requirement for holding that training session.

To opt for this solution, we recommend having an initial consultation with our representative so that you can understand major terms and conditions of the engagement. In process of assisting you making available required resources and holding the desired training, we establish a written memorandum of understanding where everything is agreed in black and white to promote trust and transparency.

It is often observed that organizations require special skill set for its staff but find it difficult to identify, select and hire persons of required skill set. We also have pool of our alumni students who are provided with in-demand trainings on different important topics that enable our alumni in acquiring required skill set to dominate job market.

We offer organization to enter into a memorandum of understanding with us wherein we maintain a pool of skilled persons who are given with trainings that organizations communicate us as significantly important for their staff. This pool of skilled persons helps organization to quickly pick their required skilled person without paying a single additional penny to anyone.

We already have Banks, NBFCs, Service providers, Chartered Accountants firms, manufacturing entities and companies from other important sectors as beneficiaries of our human capital program.

This MOU has some considerations from both parties that is why we encourage you having an initial consultation with our representative who will guide you all the major terms of the MOU before actually entering into the process of engagement.

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