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Corporate Law Application

(Filing Procedure)

(This Course will help you understand how to apply the knowledge you gain through reading Corporate Laws especially Companies Act, 2017.)

After completion of this course you will be able to prepare documentation and manage corporate daily affairs confidently.

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Course Fee: Free of cost for every participant 

Duration: 12 hours (02 weeks)

Course Coverage:

This course shall cover basic concepts covered under Companies Act, 2017 and their related regulations for following topics:

  1. Incorporation of companies (public & private)
  2. Process of incorporation of NPO under companies Act, 2017 (without practical)
  3. Obtaining certificate of commencement of business
  4. Procedure change of name
  5. Conversion of company’s status
  6. Appointment & removal of directors
  7. Filing of Statutory returns and forms
  8. Change in shareholding (all cases)
  9. Issue of shares
  10. All other forms under Companies Act, 2017 
  11. Ethics

The course will also illustrate you how to use the SECP online portal in application of provisions of specific Acts, Ordinance and Rules and explains them in different scenarios to enable participants to apply these practically.

Descriptive Details:

This course will enable participants to gain an in-depth knowledge of all the frequent compliance of companies and help them doing the compliances. This course will also enable you to know the possible and general errors which are made by the involved persons so that those errors may be avoided.

Personnel already working in companies and institutions will develop better understanding of legal matters and issues related with the companies and institutions. This program will also improve their career prospects for promotion.

Participants who are new in the corporate environment or expecting to get started for the first time to the subject will acquire a sound basic knowledge of overall corporate compliance environment. This course would also serve as a base for acquiring higher qualifications in corporate law.

Outcome & Benefits:

After completion of this course you will be able to prepare documentation and manage corporate daily affairs confidently. This will help you getting corporate and secretarial jobs and in case where you are already appointed it will help you promotion and raise in benefits.

Specific skill-set expected from this course which you will be able to acquire are as follows:

  • Preparation and review of documentation for filing.
  • Incorporation of company. and matters related to governance and operations of companies
  • Filing of different forms with accuracy without worry of rejections
  • Knowledge of related regulations to matters covered
  • Learning of legal provisions related to the Companies Act, 2017

We would like to remind that the SECP has introduced concept of corporate intermediaries so to practice consultation would not be a recommended option for those who are not registered as authorized intermediaries. By using this training you can manage affairs of companies you are involved in as any kind of stakeholder whether as part of management or employee


For Individuals

The course shall be of 12 hours.

For Groups and Corporations

Overall 12 hours with flexible breaks as per requirement.

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