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Anti Money Laundering Compliance

Under FATF Recommendations

A Comprehensive Hands-On Practical Session on what to consider in developing AML policies and procedures and how to make compliance with AML related local laws and regulations and International benchmarks.

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Sponsorship Fee: Rs. 38,000 per participant 

Duration: 05 hours (Excluding Breaks)


This seminar is designed for professionals dealing with finance and financials pools to get an aerial view of how the interlocking processes, regulations, policies, and procedures of financial institutions, businesses, government agencies, law enforcement, regulators, etc work in tandem to impact and influence money laundering and money laundering investigations.

Understand the money trail identification and preparation details with top notch management of regulatory bodies of Pakistan. This big picture view offers insight into the importance of your organization’s AML policies and procedures and provides clarity on how that reduces risk to your organization and the global economy. 

In depth look at a risk based approach to AML will be given with highlight key regulations of the AML Act, related regulations, FATF Recommendations along with International Benchmarks. On the flip side we’ll identify advanced money laundering techniques AML professionals must learn to identify. We’ll provide tips on building a culture of compliance within your organization in order to reduce risk. We’ll promote that culture of compliance through application of best practice guidelines of procedures such as due diligence, transaction monitoring, and reporting.

An emphasis will also be given to the impact and influence AML programs have on internal and external investigative units and discuss the tools and techniques of those units. The session will finish with how AML information is accessed and utilized by law enforcement to work in tandem with institutions in the prevention of financial crimes and terrorist activity. Attendees will receive AML shield of participation.


This session will provide specialized AML skills to all industries, agencies, and governments who are either the front line gatekeepers or involved in developing policies and implementing it throughout the organization whether financial or otherwise. This will also covers the Continuous Professional Development CPD requirements of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan. It will be covering AML regulations and best practice policies and procedures.

Why You Should Join:

  • Institutions or individuals seeking to improve their AML knowledge and the application of AML policies and procedures
  • Individuals seeking certification credits.
  • Institutions or individuals wanting to enhance the performance of their AML programs
  • AML professionals requiring mandated knowledge
  • Individuals wanting to transition into an AML profession
  • Individuals wanting to enhance their professional position in AML profession


Basics— Detailing the Deployment of A Risk Based Approach | Risk Assessment | Types of Risk | Levels of Risk | Specific Risk | Politically Exposed Persons (PEPS) | Private Banking | Correspondent Banking

Risk Management Framework— Framework of local laws and international benchmarks | Addressing Financial Crime Associated with Money Laundering and Terrorism

Case Studies— Trade based Money Laundering methods | Engage analytical skills | Understand what went wrong | Identify red flags | Potential regulatory actions | How to respond within framework | How to best fulfill your role

Terrorist Financing— how this could lead | Investigating authorities | Tool Box and Mind Set | Common Investigation Techniques | Process | Flagging | After Flagging process | Monitoring and Filtering |Open source intelligence

Culture of Compliance— Intelligence units involved | Due Diligences | Case studies | Suspicious activity reporting | Coordination among financial institutions and law enforcement | Logs and Records | Updates and in process activities | Benefits of compliance

Resource Person:

Due to confidentiality we have kept the name of the speaker confidential that will be disclosed in meetings or other direct interaction with sponsors and interested parties. Speaker of the session is a Mutual Assessor on the list of Asia Pacific Group (FATF regional Body) having vast exposure in money laundering and terrorist financing risk assessment of member countries under New methodology of FATF (Financial Action Task Force). He together with other speakers are from regulatory bodies and important Boards of Pakistan Industries.

As member of the Pakistan’s core committee on FATF action plan they have represented country in Asia Pacific group plenaries session and FATF joint group. Member of the team and committee on National Risk assessment of Pakistan.

Other Information:

Eligibility Requirement

Participants are not required to be trained at AML however basic understanding of AML and related regulations are recommended. We encourage interested individuals to contact through their organization/ employers for enrollment into the session however,  their approach will be entertained suitably. 

Date: May 25, 2022

Venue: Creak Club

Commencement of Program: 11:00 AM

Lunch and Namaz: 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Hi-Tea: 4:00 PM to 4:15 PM

Closure: 5:15 PM

Course Fee: PKR 38,000 per participant

Duration: Total 05 Hours (Exclusive of breaks)

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