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ADVANCED SESSION ON AML  with understanding of FATF Recommendations

This Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Session provides specialized AML advanced knowledge to all industries, and agencies, who are the front line gatekeepers of our global economy.

Get an aerial view of how the interlocking processes, regulations, policies, and procedures of financial institutions, businesses, government agencies, law enforcement, regulators, etc work in tandem to impact and influence money laundering and money laundering investigations. This big picture view offers insight into the importance of your organization’s AML policies and procedures and provides clarity on how that reduces risk to your organization and the global economy.

Scholarship Program

1- No fee for attending classes till completion of awarded course.
2- Free access to recurring sessions in case of need to repeat
3- Free access to different trainings and workshops
4- Exclusive certificate training on taxation to avail ease in becoming Income Tax Practitioner
5- Exclusive certificate training on secretarial matters and access to internships

FATIMA Education Program is our initiative to encourage under privileged students to complete costly certifications through scholarship under the fully dedicated and best faculty members. This program offers 05 scholarships in every offered course in every session. It means every new session will have five new scholarships for every course.

Easy on your Mind and light on your Finance

Quality education does not need to be expensive or difficult. Education is a basic need and there must not exists any discrimination based on one’s resources whether financial or otherwise. We step into this sector with aim to make things as simplified as possible for students and professionals. Everything which is understandable and doable is simple and we have aim to make financial education simple for better future of our generation.

Professional Training, In the best and simplest way

Small skill courses are very crucial in this competitive environment. We plan several number of technical and general courses to equip you with the needed skills which can significantly increase your chances to lead in your field. 

Training are also being designed to serve the exact need of your organization or yourself. Do not be controlled by your consultants, be self managed and enhance your skills with some most effective courses in the market.

Interactive Sessions

Interactive physical and online classes where immediate feedback matters

Resourceful Trainings

Trainings which will build your career progression to succeed from the start

Live + Recorded # for all

Every student whether online or otherwise has 24/7 access to recorded materials

Quality Study & Practice Material

Well planned and targeted study and practice materials developed under supervision of senior faculty members 

Mock Examinations

Series of mock examinations to get you better prepared

Examination Techniques

Practical implementation and specially designed sessions for examination techniques

Banking Intellect

An option to finance your studies with dignity and without burden of study loan 


Easy to pursue scholarships are available for students in need

Corporate Training

Training on important reporting and compliance topics to corporate sector and students

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It is a very good institute , have taken some online lectures of standard costing are very helpful and knowledgeable for topic learning.
Asad Yousuf
CAF Student
I attended classes for CAF 7. Simple and effective. Financial Reporting could really be that simple. I passed it in first attempt with help of Sir Salman.
Talha Yaseen
CAF Student
I left with only CAF 7 to pass CAF level and was desperate to pass it. I joined the class of Salman. He helped me to clear my concepts and thus in the last attempt I passed in the CAF 7 paper.
Shahzeb Shahid
CAF Student
I attended the class of Sir Salman in 2020. It was my forth attempt in Audit & Assurance. After learning from him I realized my mistakes and overcame them and got cleared in that attempt.
Mohemmed Bilal
CPA Student
I attended the class of SBL from Sir Faizan and it was really great experience I learned a lot and have cleared it in second attempt. I am glad that I joined AFAP in this attempt for my ACCA in final papers.
Zunair Ahmed
ACCA Student
All the faculty Members of this Institute are highly skilled and reliable in their respective subjects. The way of providing the Trainings and Lectures is very sincere and friendly. I highly recommend this Institute for Business and Accountancy Education.
Mohemmed Bilal
CPA Affiliate

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